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Many years ago I was in Jerusalem with a group of about 90 folks from all over the world. We were at the Church of St Peter in Gallicantu where it said Caiphas, the High Priest's Palace was and where Jesus was kept the night before in a cell hewed out under the structure. Not everyone could get down there at once but a few did and it was an intense place as Jesus may have been in that hole hours before going to the cross.

God gave Brother Vaughan Jerrold unction and utterance and as he began to prophesy under the anointing one of the sisters began to wail guttural screams from a place in her as deep as the cave we were was eerie.

We found out later this Haitian Stewardess who worked for a French Airline had joined our group from NYC at the last moment and no one knew her. It was revealed by her later that she had come to Israel

as her last act before she was going to take her life by suicide upon returning to Haiti.

What happened in the dungeon when the Unction, Utterance, and Anointing of God was released by Vaughan prophetically, the Holy Spirit gloriously set that poor tormented lady free. She later on the trip shared her testimony with all.

A few weeks ago at the end of the Bible Study at the jail, I prayed for a young man who had come the first time, I laid hands on him and prayed under the unction, utterance, and anointing of the Holy Spirit, also in a prophetic spirit. He was visibly moved and weeping, all the men were also quite stunned.

Last Wed when I went in, a prisoner, a thoracic surgeon being held under federal charges who has been bringing people to the Bible Study including the young man I prayed for the week before sat me down.

He told me as he sat next to that young man last week, while I was praying he was overtaken by the Holy Spirit and spent almost the next 24 hours weeping. He was visibly impacted.

I believe with all my heart the missing ingredient in Christian ministry is those three things...UNCTION-UTTERANCE & ANOINTING!

Sadly, many saints have never been exposed to them!

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