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  • Steve Chase


There is ONE primary reason for the irrational hatred of the United States of America and/or Israel, they both were God's idea.(Not saying some other nations were not)

Were not talking about hating some things that were done and having a desire to improve upon them, you conserve what is good and make others things better. Nope the USA is evil, so, by the way, was Christopher Columbus because he started the whole ball rolling in 1492. Now all those who came along and founded and established the nation also were terrible murderers and oppressors and intentionally genocidally massacred the Indians and diseased them on purpose. It's a communist spirit that rewrites history and attempts to demoralize people by besmirching their history, castigating their Founding Fathers and destroying by defiling their history as a people, effectively ripping, tearing and shredding their identity, so writes Alexandr Solzhenitsyn speaking of what the communist did to Mother Russia and her people.

Why do they who hate the USA, and other nations who were brought forth by the Judeo/Christian ethic, they do so because they are being possessed by the "Spirit of Anti-Christ" This "great falling away" is happening all over the world, but especially in places where great light was once given. This is the "strong delusion" God said He would send before the return of Jesus Christ. Of course, there are many other manifestations of this strong delusion, such as human sexuality confusion, saving the world from global warming and many other ramifications. But the hatred of all that has any vestige of what the Founders enacted from the essence of the "Pilgrim's Dream" is anathema to them.

It is the expression of Satanic rage we are told about in Rev. 12:12. Raging hatred manifesting through the "Tare Humanity", remember when asked what these were, the Lord said they are the One's planted by the wicked one, they are according to IJohn 3:10, children of the devil. If you are caught up in spewing out this arrogant hatred against the Lord and His purposes, I would take a long pause, and consider your ways, or you will find yourself in a Christ-less hell. You have not been willing to repent and hate evil and love the truth. Don't wait please, don't wait, cast yourself on the Lord's mercy, do it

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