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"The Voice of the Prophet"

91101, 18 years ago the World Trade Towers in NYC were attacked by two loaded commercial jets, loaded with souls and fuel. The Pentagon was also attacked and another thwarted by brave passengers. Those pictures are indelibly seared into our consciousness where most people can tell exactly where they were when it happened.

It was the same for many of us who were alive when JFK was assassinated, Nov 22, 1963. These events are seared into our consciousness by the sheer magnitude of there effect on our psyche creating a collective trauma event in the soul of a nation. We are rocked, our world teeters, and the fragility of the present creates a form of PTSD for the future, we are forever changed.

Other events have a similar consequence such as the Columbine School shooting in Littleton CO or Newtown CT. Everything stops, there is a collective gasp, and for weeks we are reeling and wondering and investigating, trying to understand what has happened, how can these things be?

Tragically, what starts happening we begin to normalize horror events in our national and personal consciousness and only a much more serious event will even register.

A shooting in Los Vegas where 58 souls, 38 women, and 22 men were murdered and 527 was wounded doesn't hold our attention but for a few weeks.



What is of greater and by far more serious consequence to these signature events is what they portend from a prophetic standpoint.

God has carefully, meticulously kept a record of His dealings with His Chosen People Israel, as they stand as a prophetic prototype of instruction, encouragement, and warning for all people for all time of how God deals with individuals, families, churches, people groups, and nations.

Its a record of blessings to the obedient and chastisement and eventual destruction on those who refuse to give heed to His voice. A governing principle God gave, was, to whom much is given, much would be required. In other words to those who had much LIGHT, a greater level of expectation, scrutiny, and consequences was displayed for those who refused to walk in that greater Light.

God had a unique cadre or company called prophets who were given the assignment and anointing to speak for God to those who were appointed to represent God. When they deviated, the prophetic company or individuals from that company would arise and declare; "Thus Say's the Lord". You are out of order and God is making you aware of it, and ordering you to return in obedience to the blueprint.

As it was, we find much of the time the people and often their leaders did not heed the prophets. God would then send other prophets to them with increasingly passionate declarations of their deviance, now coupled with warnings of what would happen if they didn't obey. Very seldom would they obey and would return to focus and blessing. Most often we see them stubbornly harden their hearts and stiffen their necks and continue in increasing disobedience. God most often would send in His prophets again with mighty thundering warnings of the nearness of consequences.

The next phase of God's prophetic ministry would be to send the "Voice of the Prophets" in Signature Judgments. Foreign Armies would attack and defeat them, famines, pestilences, and other catastrophic events. These were limited in scope, but serious enough to cause them to realize why they were happening. If they would not hear the Voice of the Prophet in these Signature Judgments, God would now have reached the final step in His attempt to have His people obey Him. He would then turn His own people over to their wickedness, leading to their ultimate destruction. After the pleading, bleeding, weeping prophets were ignored, then the Voice of those Prophets in the Signature Judgement was rejected, God allows the destruction of His own Special people.

The children of Isreal went from the "Bondage of Egypt" to the "Captivity of Babylon" and the City of God, Zion, beautiful for situation, the Joy of the whole earth, the City of the Great King, was annihilated, starved, women eating their own children, ravished and the precious sons of Zion were shackled in iron and carried to Babylon to serve idols in the palace of a Foreign King.


Today as many remember 9-11-2001, post all the pictures of the fallen towers, stir passions against those foreign invaders, which is only right and honorable to do so.

I ask you, have you heard the "Voice of the Prophet" in them? Have you heard the "Voice of the Prophet" in Katrina(purity), who removed an American City(New Orleans) in a day? Have you heard the "Voice of the Prophet" in Columbine and Newtown CT, Virginia Tech, and all the other murders of our children by our children in our schools?

If you have, have you repented personally, are you right with God? If so, are you grieved over the condition of our nation? Do you really think politics is going to solve the horrible dilemma were in? Are you praying, asking God to come and restore righteousness like a mighty river and justice like a mighty stream, pleading, interceding asking God to restore the true gospel to the church, send forth mighty men and women to thunder through the land. If not, why not, if you don't, who will? Now is the time, today is the day, soon it will be too late.

It was for them, and it will be for us!

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