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  • Steve Chase


People can froth and foam all they like, but the truth is, the USA has Christianity deeply embedded and intertwined in her founding and establishment. Carried in the consciousness of the founders was "Our Creator", and the government being formed was intended to represent and carry that understanding forward.

There is now a wicked and evil force at work to pull, rip, tear, lie and destroy every vestige of His involvement in our existence. Our Creator is what gave us identity, meaning, and purpose and without Him we self destruct. The evil and wicked force at play is the "spirit of antichrist", and it wants to insert it's 'dark-matter' into our national consciousness. Jesus Christ is the Light and with-out that Light we have darkness, and this darkness is not just the absence of light, but the presence of entities that embody the blackness of darkness, create chaos, confusion, disorder, irrationality, hostility, hatred and moral insanity.

In the beginning, those who turned their sails into this wind of sexual freedom, rebellion against authority, and permissive lifestyles have now found that wind they sowed is reaping a

gale of dark chaos and confusion that defies comprehension.

This has created something akin to nuclear fission, immorality has created enough immoral fissionable material to attain critical mass and a chain reaction is soon reached resulting in a massive explosion with irreversible ramifications.

Our arrogance tells us we can go on and exist without His involvement, but we soon find we have made a miscalculation of epic and eternal consequence.

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