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  • Steve Chase

Socialism and Antichrist

Most people don't understand what is behind the Socialist/Communist Political Movement emerging in this hour in the USA. I mean the essence of socialism going back to philosophies of Plotinus, Eckhart, Rousseau, Hume, Kant, Fichte, Hegel, leftest Hegelism, Marx, Hess, Feuerbach, Engels etc. There is no need for many of us to struggle through all the permutations of these philosophies

What is important for us to know is that the outcome and possible the agenda was, and is, the rejection of God and the deification of man found in atheistic humanism.

It carries in it's core essence the "spirit of Antichrist". More and more we will see it manifesting a hatred of anything that has, is, or potentially could, honor Christ, the Gospel, Christianity, most notably Western Civilization and particularly the United States. It will also have a special visceral hatred for Israel, especially the Jews.

This spirit does not care about any of the attributes of our Republic, the naivety of thinking they honor and respect the values in some manner will be dashed again and again until we finally(probably to late) realize they want to destroy everything that came from the Judaeo Christian ethic.

The more the host weakens in it's moral fortitude and Christian roots, the more this societal disease will gain until it becomes terminal. Politics will not save us!

The restoration of healthy vibrant spiritual vitality is the only sure way to prevent our demise.

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