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It's difficult to share things that happen with our ministry as self-promotion is so prevalent and extremely anathema to the Lord.

That being said we had an unusually powerful time last evening. After ministering for almost 40 years you develop the ability to measure the differences in the dynamics of gatherings of people. There are many and varied reasons why these differences are evident, the attitude of the people, demonic resistance, the condition of the minister, the spiritual and word level of the congregation etc..etc.

Also, whether intercession has influenced the gathering. This last one was clear, in part that caused the response of the men, the involvement of the Holy Spirit and the clarity and unction upon me last nite.

One obvious element, obvious at least to me was the "spirit of revelation", or illumination for those who are troubled about the word revelation. What happens in these unusual meetings is the revelatory, bold, clear communication as well as the weighty explosive comprehension in the listeners.

But more important is the impartation of the revelatory spirit. Once we have been exposed to that we are never the same again. Our ability to see and perceive in the Spirit marks us for the rest of our days.

I honestly believe the intercession of God's saints created an open heaven over us last night. For that, there are people who are eternally grateful, not only the men in the library but all those who will be touched by their lives.

God Bless and Thank You!!

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