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  • Steve Chase

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" John 14:6

A 26-year-old young man who attends the Bible study for almost all the meetings for over 2 years, He has been incarcerated for just under 1/3rd of his life already. He has not walked a free step outside of MCI since he was 18.

He is now moving within the system to have some more freedom, working outside the main complex, etc.

He has never had anyone help him understand how to live, how to conduct himself in the workplace. He has had to find his way within the jail system, and learning how to live in there does not translate well into the world out here with all its quirks and maladies.

He has shared things with me over the last few weeks about the struggles he is having. Over the last year or so he has opened himself with highly sensitive personal confidences.

Last night I realized by illumination of the Holy Spirit he had never been fathered, and as I was sharing with him some very practical things about how to manage his emotions and conduct himself internally, etc., I sensed the majestic anointing of the Father, I could sense the mystery of God's Fathers heart infusing this young man by divine osmosis.

It was a wonder to behold!

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