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"So the three broke through the camp of the Philistines, drew water from the well of Bethlehem that was by the gate, and took it and brought it to David. Nevertheless, David would not drink it, but poured it out to the LORD." I Chron. 11:18

Here we have a lesson from David, the man whose heart was after the heart of God. This lesson if embraced by today's leadership would spare us much embarrassment and discipline from the Lord.

David was in a position where the Lord was bringing him by a wonderful anointing to be King over God's people. People were being drawn to David because of the powerful anointing and call upon him. First at Adullums Cave and then to the Throne. David was surrounded by some Mighty, Mighty men.

“Now, therefore, thus shall you say to My servant David, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts: “I took you from the sheepfold, from following the sheep, to be ruler over My people, over Israel." II Sam. 7:8

The sweet psalmist and mighty warrior David was winning the respect, admiration, and honor of mighty men & women that were gathering around him.

One day when they had been in battle for some time David longed for a drink of the cool clear water of the well in Bethlehem which was nearby. He out loud whispered out his desire from his parched tongue and some of his mighty men heard him.

The only problem was the well was under control of the enemy, the Philistines had a garrison there. Three of Davids mighty men went and battled their way through the enemy and drew up some of the pure cold water from that Bethlehem well and returned to give it to David.

But David would not drink this water these men had risked their lives to bring him. No, he poured it out as an offering to the Lord, because only the Lord is worthy of that kind of devotion, worship, and honor.

Would God's servants today have the same attitude, not accepting from people the devotion, worship, sacrifice, and honor due to God alone?

When the people began to look at Peter and John after healing the man at the Gate Beautiful(Acts 3), He told them don't look at us as though were the ones who have some special virtue, no, it's Jesus who did it, the One you crucified, it's through faith in His name, look at Him.

At Lystra when Paul and Barnabas healed a crippled man(Acts 14), the people started calling them gods and began to offer sacrifices and worship them, The two apostles ripped their clothes and commanded the people to stop it as they were only men of like passions, men just like them, they told them to worship God, not man.

Not that long ago and maybe still in some circles the great men and women of God had their posse's, their entourage following them around and meeting their every need at their beck and call, washing their socks and undergarments, running out in the middle of the night to get them treats they desired. They expected special treatment, demanding first-class tickets and treatment, being picked up at the airport in nothing less than luxury cars, having certain kinds of special demands to be honored like some imagined royalty. Some have spent the widow's mites given to them for private jets so they won't need to mix with people when they travel. They live in gated mansions and have expensive vacation homes etc. I know personally of one minister who when he comes near my friend's city he expects them to take him out to the best restaurants and have the best wine available at their house. Once he needed them to rent a car for him but would accept nothing less than a luxury model.

Oh, we drink the "water" that belongs to the Lord again and again without a second thought because we think we are worthy, we are the men and women of power for the hour. Well, we are not, and my prayer is that we bow before him as the One and Only Master, and remember all we are brothers.

Make no mistake, I am not suggested we are not to honor the men and women of God who come to us. I have been so honored many times and have recognized the special care given to us sacrificially at times. I remember once in Monterey Mexico after staying with some folks in a half-built church building, they scraped their few pesos together the morning we were to leave to buy us eggs and some meat to serve for breakfast. Another time staying with a family in Mexico City who slept on the floor so we could sleep on their beds, they insisted when we refused. They spent their little pesos to feed us a meal that may have cost them their months worth of food allowance. We ate and stayed at these peoples home without a translator and did our best to communicate. Five grown men were weeping the next day as we prepared to leave them.

Help us Dear Lord God, minister the Gospel of Jesus in the Spirit of Jesus.

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