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  • Steve Chase


It seems virtually impossible for there to be as much Christian activity, churches, radio, TV, Internet, Books, Magazines, Conferences, Para-Church Ministries, maybe a billion or more bibles in the United States of America, and not be more of an effect.

There are a number of factors to be considered, but I want to suggest a couple. Either the host culture is much sicker than at past periods or the remedy(the gospel presented) is extremely less potent. A third possibility is a combination of the two aforementioned.

If the second is true, a weakened strain of Christianity, salt that has lost its savor, has the potential to act as an inoculation, a vaccination. The mechanics of producing a vaccine is to take a strain of the virus or bacteria(Christianity and the gospel message) to weaken it intentionally and introduce it into the host. At the same time introduce dynamics within the host that weaken its immune system with the wrong diet, behaviors and other pollutants.

Also, make the host constantly fatigued maintaining the necessities(real or fabricated) of life. Then provide a multiple pseudo-solutions to the malady so the host will expend incredible resources of time, energy and treasure to solve its sickness.

The solution to this hypothetical(maybe) situation can only be a powerfully virulent strain of Christianity producing a Gospel that has the Power of God inherent within to produce awakening reviving, culture-changing results, scripture and every historical period has demonstrated. What would be some of the elements of this kind of Christianity?

1. Who is carrying the message, the gospel? Those who had been called and taken up by God in the crucible of discipleship. Men and women that don't have a message, but are One. Those who have an other worldly intensity about them, those under a mandate from heaven that produces a woe, unto them if they try to do anything other than preach the Gospel of Christ. Men and women who truly have the Spirit of the Lord upon them and understand they are called into the most eternally important business ever enacted.

2. This gospel message produces repentance. An other worldly message that cuts to the quick, activates the goads of conscience until one is in divine crisis. It creates a Light so bright it eclipses every other passion and pursuit and takes you onto a street called straight until your vision is adjusted to His straight and narrow way.

3. This gospel produces assemblies of Truth lovers and seekers with Shepherds after the Heart of David, not the error of Baalim. Assemblies where Grace and Truth are married, and Righteousness and Love shine forth as the evidence of disciples of Jesus Christ.

4. Assemblies not only bask in the Apostles doctrine, have fellowship and bread breaking, but also prayers, intercession, spiritual warfare, high discernment against deception. Places where the fire of intercession continues to produce advancements of the eternal purpose God has accomplished and set forth in Jesus Christ.

5. This gospel produces a people who know in their deepest soul that this is not over until Jesus Christ bodily returns. Knowing this, is, the motivation for holiness(1 Jn 3:3) This blessed hope is vibrant and vital among those who eagerly wait for the appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, as all our activity is focused on hastening the Day of God.

Are you ready to believe, pray for, and be a part of a virulent strain of Christianity and Gospel preaching and living?

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