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  • Steve Chase


There is a "New Law" in the land with its own lexicon of laws and violations. The "Lawgivers" origin is uncertain, but it claims no higher authority than its own. It has codified it's categories of violations not by acts of any legislative body elected by the people and ultimately answerable to the people.

Those who violate these new laws are not afforded any due process guaranteed by a constitution. Nor are they brought before a jury of their peers with the presumption of innocence. Rather they are already pronounced guilty in the court of public opinion that has been manipulated to codify these new rules or suffer alienation and ostracization by these self-appointed moral oligarchs.

The real problem begins when violators are brought before the bar of a cowered public via the conduit of the enforcers of this new standard of rightness...the media. There is no assigned measure of punishment combined with a means of restoration for the transgressors. It all seems dangerously capricious depending on the prevailing attitude and angst of the invisible oligarchs. Also depending on what political or another potentially self-serving benefit ($) that might be derived by extending and increasing the measure of consequence.

There is no path to mercy, redemption or forgiveness in it. There is only the annihilation of that transgressor's person-hood, livelihood, dignity, and humanity. They have only two options it seems, either capitulate and become a whimpering advocate with-in the Borg of human deification or disappear.

Make no mistake, there is no system of appeal to a higher authority, to attempt it is to validate its non-existent authority which arbitrarily applies its perverted justice with nauseating hypocrisy to its own; ala Jussie Smollet.

This is a cruel system of witchcraft and control being unwillingly superimposed upon us by unseen forces. One very simple act of resistance that can be employed, stop submitting to politically correct speech and thought manipulation.

Addendum...I think its important to first understand that those purveyors of this new system of morality are also the same ones who rejected Gods laws. They are not choosing to return to the One who gave the law from Mt. Sinai, a moral law from a transcendent One who is Holy. (For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.) Isaiah 33:22 Actually the supposed need for these new laws is engendered from not keeping the Old One. Notice they don't want to submit themselves to the original giver of law, no, we would rather create a new system to punish the law breakers against us lawbreakers. All have not sinned, only they have sinned against us.

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