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River Media Ministries

The Vision

Early in 2008 I sensed the Lord speaking to me regarding the Connecticut River Watershed, from Psalm 46:4 which says, "There is a River whose streams make glad the City of God."

The Connecticut River begins on the Canadian border and flows for 410 miles to its mouth at Old Saybrook, CT. The Watershed, which covers approximately 11,000 square miles, is comprised of 53 tributaries, 38 of which are notable in size. I began to perceive the Lord communicating to me about all the brooks and feeder streams which increase the volume of the tributaries, making the Connecticut River deposit 70% of the fresh water that flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Long Island Sound. 


Ezekiel 47:1-12 Ezekiel described a stream of water coming out of the Temple, increasing in volume until it became a mighty river reaching the sea of humanity and everywhere the river flowed it produced healing and life. Verse 10 speaks of a harvest: "And it shall come to pass [that] the fishers shall stand upon it from Engedi even unto Eneglaim; they shall be a [place] to spread forth nets; their fish shall be according to their kinds, as the fish of the great sea, exceeding many." 


What I saw in the natural was also true in the spiritual. We could superimpose upon the geography the spiritual reality of these flows of water, living water. All throughout the watershed was the different size gatherings of people releasing out of their innermost beings streams of living water. It was in my heart to recognize the different and many flows of the Holy Spirit, honor them, encourage them and call them to the greater reality of flowing together as each stream and brook and river does. Each loses it's identity when it flows into the greater one until we are all flowing into the sea of humanity and bringing life and health as Ezekiel 47 declares.


Our heart and hope it that you are blessed by this stream flowing into the river that gladdens the City of God. Shalom!!


2 Corinthians 4:15

"...All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of god."